Vaccination Certificate for Travel to Australia

Here is some information that Air Niugini wants the international passengers to know and what to do to get the Vaccination Certificate for Travel to Australia, especially. To check-in, your travel certificate (such as the PNG Yellow Travel Certificate) must have your passport number, date of birth and vaccine name. The Green Certificate is NOT valid for international travels.

Vaccination certificate for travel to Australia (requirements)

The requirements for a vaccination certificate valid for travel to Australia include that the certificate is in English and shows the following information:

  • The traveller’s name as it appears in the passport;
  • Either traveller’s date of birth or passport number;
  • The vaccine brand name, and either the date of each dose or the date on which the traveller completed a full course of immunisation.

Documents for travel to Australia

The certificates valid for travel to Australia include (amongst others) are the:

  • PNG International Certificate of Covid Vaccination (ICCV),
  • WHO yellow card, or
  • Australian Covid-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate.

Green card PNG vaccination certificate – NOT VALID

The Green Card PNG Vaccination Certificate is not valid for international travel, as it does not include either the person Date of Birth or their Passport Number.

Where to get help with PNG travel documents?

The PNG National Department of Health has issued at the airport prior to the departure of PX001 on Monday 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd November to Australia.

NOTE: Find out with Air Niugini staff at Jacksons International Airport for information on international travels, especially to Australia and Singapore and onwards.

Passengers travelling to Sydney

For passengers travelling to Sydney with only the Green Card PNG Vaccination Certificate, they can have the ICCV issued in the international terminal after completing their PCR test prior to check-in.

Any passengers without any valid certificate of vaccination valid for travel cannot be checked in.

How to get PNG International Certificate of Covid?

The PNG International Certificate of Covid Vaccination is also available from NDoH at email:

  • or

Presently lead time for this document is three to four weeks.

The Department of Health will help you with the Covid vaccination certificate for travel to Australia.

What are acceptable vaccines to travel to Australia?

Six vaccines are deemed acceptable (as at present) for purposes of travel into Australia (see the list below). All travellers need to complete two doses (one dose for Johnson & Johnson), plus an additional seven days prior to departure.

Six vaccines deemed acceptable to travel to Australia are:

  1.  Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd (Comirnaty)
  2. AstraZeneca Pty Ltd (Vaxzevria)
  3. Janssen-Cilag Pty Ltd (COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen) (also called Johnson & Johnson)
  4. Moderna Australia Pty Ltd.(Spikevax)
  5. Coronavac (Sinovac)
  6. Covishield (AstraZeneca/Serum Institute of India)

Passengers must also complete Australian Travel Declaration (ATD)

Passengers are required to complete a new “document” being the Australian Travel Declaration/ATD, including as part of this an attestation (confirmation) that the passenger is fully vaccinated and the certificate is valid.

What is Australian Travel Declaration/ATD?

The ATD is a mobile phone App and is available for download at the Apple iPhone Store for iPhone, and Google Store for Android phones.

Initial one-off entry of set-up information takes about 15 minutes, so it is recommended this is downloaded and updated prior to coming to the airport.

The manual paper forms will be available at check-in if required.

Other travel info you should know to travel to Australia

Children under 12 are exempted from the vaccination requirements, but children 12-18 who are not fully vaccinated must enter 14 days hotel quarantine (with a parent/ guardian).

All passengers departing internationally will still need to complete a negative PCR test at Port Moresby airport, at the time of check-in.

Wearing face masks in the terminals and on board the aircraft is mandatory, hand sanitisers are provided for your protection, and social distancing is followed wherever practical in order to ensure your international travel remains as safe as possible.

Vaccination Certificate for Travel to Australia info

Source: This information was adapted from the Air Niugini Corporate Communications Department. This original information was available on the PNG Covid Website.

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